Clients Just Don’t Care

Is it just me, or do clients in general just not really care as much as planners do about their own financial wellbeing? Having put myself out there as a planner, I know how difficult it is to convince clients that it’s important to take an interest in the status of money in their lives,...Continue reading

Everyone Hates a Salesman

Don’t you hate the way #sales have such a bad rep? I know it can be intrusive, but I even give the time of day to the unsolicited prospecting that happens from call centers. At the end of the line is someone doing their job, trying to earn an income to feed their families. I...Continue reading

My Days as a Financial Advisor

Experience as a Financial Planner is one thing that is highly regarded in our profession. We usually hear from the most successful. I unfortunately am not one of those, but I think I have a story to tell nevertheless. I’ve had two attempts in my life at “Financial Planning”. One as a “Financial Consultant”, selling...Continue reading

What do Clients Value?

The value you add to your client’s life, as a Financial Advisor, would be clearly understood were you lucky enough to overhear them speaking about you around the braai with buddies. Can you picture them? What might they be saying? Eves Dropping on Frank’s* Clients:  “Frank* is such a legend, he always picks the best investments for...Continue reading

#Coronavirus: 6 things for financial planners to consider

Many financial planners are currently dealing with the fallout from volatile financial markets and managing their clients’ questions and anxieties. However, have you considered the impact on your practice once the Coronavirus hits SA? 1 What if you can’t travel to see clients? 2 What if your existing clients can’t travel to your offices? 3 How...Continue reading

Calorie Counting is for the Birds

2020, another year, another decade! No doubt, to be accompanied by a new set of resolutions and hopes for a “new me.” Habitually, I’ve had on my list: “get thinner” and “get richer,” among various other incidentals. Curious also that I seem to have a blind spot in my ability to select the strategy that...Continue reading

Is Your Financial Advisor Worth the Bucks?

The last time I went to Sportsman’s Warehouse got me thinking about the role of the advisor, “middle-man,” broker, or intermediary in the purchase of a product, in this case, a pair of takkies for my daughter. It got me thinking about the extent to which they really added value to my life and how...Continue reading

Stop Worrying About the Risk, Worry about the Client

I just cannot believe we STILL think it’s ok to hand our clients a deck of paper, full to the meniscus with fine print and legal mumbo-jumbo!! Are we just lazy to change this? What keeps us from making this better? I suspect it’s something along the lines of “Oh well, everyone else’s looks just...Continue reading

Financial Advisors: It’s Time to Go Overweight HEART

Rock solid relationships between Financial Planners and their clients hinge on the planner’s ability to meet a client’s needs of the Heart, Head and Hand. Meeting the needs of Head and Hand, for most planners is a piece of old tekkie. We’ve spent our time since the dawn of the industrial era perfecting these processes....Continue reading

How Comprehensive is Your Client Portfolio Summary?

In this new digital age, it feels a bit like we, as Financial Advisors, think we’re valuable to clients if we can get all of their stuff into a single document. Like a summary of all the things they’ve got. And then we’re awesome. A small thing to keep in mind though … the client...Continue reading

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