We are curious idealists who want to make the world a better place. Our expertise comes from many years of experience in financial services. We believe in doing work that excites us, work that creates change and above all, work that matters.

Bennie Gouws

Gary Winslow

Kirsty Du Toit


in one place

Financial planners need to connect with their clients more than ever. Having fragmented software solutions makes this connection increasingly difficult - everything needs to be in one place.

Asset-Map allows you to do this. Having helped thousands of financial planners across the world engage with their clients, this is the financial planning software that is turning heads in the same direction, strengthening hands to create powerful portfolios and touching hearts by connecting life, wealth and meaning.

Now, Asset-Map is available in South Africa through an exclusive partnership with WORK.THAT.MATTERS.

1. Organize.

Organize any household, regardless of complexity, by building and maintaining an Asset-Map (humans love it).

2. Funding.

Tell clients how funded they are to meet their priorities on one page (not 80 pages), and the action they need to take now to fund them using Target-Maps.

3. Practice Management

Build clean reports that are used to facilitate ongoing conversations - including mining data for true practice insight with Household Index.