How Comprehensive is Your Client Portfolio Summary?

In this new digital age, it feels a bit like we, as Financial Advisors, think we’re valuable to clients if we can get all of their stuff into a single document. Like a summary of all the things they’ve got. And then we’re awesome. A small thing to keep in mind though … the client...Continue reading

Financial Planning – for an Individual or a Household?

I get the feeling we suffer from a false sense of certainty that we’re speaking to the people that really matter when doing Financial Planning. Because we see clients, mostly as individuals, we’re leaving out critical pieces of how decisions are made in any household. Marketers figured this out a long time ago, the difference...Continue reading

Compliance, From the Client’s Perspective

Does the word “compliance” send chills down your spine? I get the sense that “compliance” is still seen as this thing that makes, what would otherwise be a rather engaging experience between advisor and client, become a bureaucratic series of forms, signatures and fine print. And I think that to a large degree, that’s still...Continue reading

Choosing a Financial Planning Tool

Is choosing a financial planning tool a straightforward process? I’ve been on the choosing end of a financial planning tool on more than one occasion in my life, enough to know it’s not as simple as it seems. I’ve had the experience, both as a corporate buyer on behalf of advisors, but also, as an...Continue reading

Client Engagement “201”

Is “Client Engagement” the new buzzword?  It strikes me as a word that we all use a lot but actually have very different pictures in our heads of what it means. On one end of the spectrum, it’s hard not to do “client engagement.” With a quote in the briefcase and some quirps about the...Continue reading

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