Everyone Hates a Salesman

Don’t you hate the way #sales have such a bad rep? I know it can be intrusive, but I even give the time of day to the unsolicited prospecting that happens from call centers. At the end of the line is someone doing their job, trying to earn an income to feed their families. I...Continue reading

My Days as a Financial Advisor

Experience as a Financial Planner is one thing that is highly regarded in our profession. We usually hear from the most successful. I unfortunately am not one of those, but I think I have a story to tell nevertheless. I’ve had two attempts in my life at “Financial Planning”. One as a “Financial Consultant”, selling...Continue reading

What do Clients Value?

The value you add to your client’s life, as a Financial Advisor, would be clearly understood were you lucky enough to overhear them speaking about you around the braai with buddies. Can you picture them? What might they be saying? Eves Dropping on Frank’s* Clients:  “Frank* is such a legend, he always picks the best investments for...Continue reading

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