Heart, Head and Hand!

We’ve seen some serious evolution in the profession of Financial Planning. As a profession that has sprung up out of a hard-core sales world, I think we can be proud to see the ever-increasing inclination toward ethical practice and good outcomes for clients. I still think we’re trying to shake off the “policy-smous” reputation reminiscent...Continue reading

Tech Stack?!?

I don’t think it would be at all provocative to say that technology is improving our ability to give our clients significantly improved financial planning experiences. From CRM engines that help us remember the names of their cats, financial planning tools that print out fancy looking reports and aggregation engines that put all their stuff...Continue reading

Go Digital!

There’s a lot of pressure to “go digital”. It’s everywhere, from your relationship with your bank, or your supplier of dog food (Takealot for me), “digital” is poking its nose into every corner of our lives. At a minimum, consumers expect cataloguing on an app, uber-eats convenience and augmented reality business cards. Can present as...Continue reading

My Dentist Rocks!

I don’t think it’s a provocative thing to say that the expectations clients have of their financial planning relationships is changing … dramatically! In every other aspect of their lives, clients shop around, looking for better and better experiences. There’s the obvious “new-age”, digital type stuff … the Netflixes and Spotifies that have created such...Continue reading

A Passive Income – Really??

I often hear that “financial planning” is a great industry to be in because it helps you to build up a “passive income”. Investment planning, in particular, has this reputation. All it requires is a once-off sale and the advisor gets to charge an ongoing fee for as long as the “purchaser” remains “a client”....Continue reading

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